Friday, May 14, 2010

Post-Baccalaureate Art Show

I finished my classes last Tuesday, and I admit that it's really surreal and bittersweet. I loved being in MCAD and will miss it dearly, but I am also looking forward to what's ahead, continuing to work as an illustrator!

My work will be shown at the 2010 Post-Baccalaureate show from May 28-June 13. Though, sadly, I will be out of town on the opening from 6-8pm, I'm very excited about it. The classmates that I'm in the show with, Elizabeth Kimmel Lang and Stephen Rogers, are such talented artists and it's so awesome to have worked with them this semester!

Here is the postcard for the event, designed by Sara Lintner:

The picture that is on the card is from this piece, done in ink and watercolor. It is one of my favorites from this semester, and it was based on the theme, "winter carnival"

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