Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New York Wonderland

A few weeks ago, I met up with my awesome friend Amy Appleton, who is the project coordinator at CityArts, an organization that helps facilitate big community art projects such as murals and mosaics in New York City as well as around the world. There is a beautiful mural, stretching about a quarter of a city block, that was painted by high school students in the TriBeCa area in 2002. It had started to fall apart from wear and tear and vandalism. Now different community members, artists, and neighborhood children are currently working to restore it!

It couldn't have been a prettier spring day when I came to help, even if it was very cool and windy!
The theme of the mural is "Alice in Wonderland in New York City." Here is the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, and Alice hanging out on the Statue of Liberty!
A cute young lady lent a hand!
The portion of the mural I spent a good amount of time on shows Alice dreaming of the skyscrapers and lights.

The restorers were free to add their own interpretations and changes to the mural. In one place, there was a child's drawing of a dog surrounded by colorful circles. Amy and I changed it to a robot dog surrounded by gears!
After a long day of working in the sun and wind, Amy and I got dinner and then I took the subway back to catch my train home. In the Times Square Subway station, there were posters advertising one of Amy and my favorite TV shows, Doctor Who! If The Doctor wants another trusty robot dog companion for his adventures in time and space, he need look no further than a few train stops away in TriBeCa!

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